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A one-stop shop for all of your animation needs.



With a fresh ball of digital clay, designs are transformed from ideas into 3 dimensional objects.



Just like us, our characters need skeletons in order to move. This is a crucial, yet often overlooked part of the production pipeline.



The process of taking a still image and breathing life into it.  Let's give that character some attitude. 



Some people desire a stylistic approach, while others prefer realism.  In either case, lighting, textures, and materials need to be carefully crafted in order to take your concepts to the next level.

My Work

Featured Productions

Hinge: The Dating Apocalypse

With Tinder having the reputation as an app for hookups, Hinge saw an opportunity to brand itself as 'The Relationship App.'  Highlighting the difference between swipe culture and real connections, Hinge exploded back onto the scene with the help of The Studio. In addition to uncredited project management (ha!), I assisted in leading a small team of CG artists, rigging, lighting, dynamics, and editing.


This animated short is based on a true story about a little girl named Scalett who lost her leg to bone cancer.  With 37 million views, this pro bono produced animation help advertise for a Foundation dedicated to raising money for pediatric cancer. Along with character rigging, this was the first major production in which I also helped manage other artists.  Produced by The Studio.


Colleague, friend, and director, Matt Fisher,  invited me to collaborate with him on his idea for a kit kat commercial.  This short ranked highly in multiple directorial contests and festivals. On the CG side, I handled the motion capture, animation, rigging, and rendering.

Malcolm Carrott

3D Artist

As an energetic and detail-oriented team player, I bring passion and enthusiasm to every project. With years of experience working with extremely tight turnarounds, problem solving has become second nature. I love learning and tackling new challenges.


Phone: 646-464-5971

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